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Thank you for visiting! Sam Johnson was born on Valentine’s Day in 1993 and was the most beautiful guy you have ever seen. He lived his too-short life to the fullest and spread love and joy everywhere. His mom, Kate Johnson, is one of my dearest friends and tops the world’s wonderful people list. And as I watched Kate, her husband Charlie, and their son Ted go through the journey that only families with critically ill children can truly understand, I learned something amazing from my pal. I learned that the world can practically kill you with heartbreak and you can either let it or you can take all your good qualities and make them stronger. That’s what they all did and they did it for Sam. He made everyone a better version of themselves—something Kate and I have referred to as the Sam Factor. I would like to honor and celebrate this fabulous kid and help raise money for pediatric cancer research so that eventually there will be no children who have to battle what Sam did and no families who have to go through it with them. Please view the video below from Cookies for Kids' Cancer founder Gretchen Holt. If you can make it to our 4th annual Valentine cookie exchange on Feb. 11th at my house in Colorado, please do! If not, I appreciate ANY support you can give.Together we can make a difference! Much LOVE!- Kate



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KKy & Tay Lotte
A wonderful charity.
MLMary E Lee
With much love and best wishes!
SMSarah Miller
Kate, thanks so much for letting me be a part of this wonderful cause. I am so happy to contribute and to be a part of the fight.