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Thank you for visiting. Kiddos with cancer fight hard and their familie work to support them and keep hope the focus. This annual bake sale in Richmond is a very small effort on our family's part to try to be mindful of those huge diagnoses that come out of nowhere to the nicest families and sweetest kids.

Poorly funded pediatric cancer research deserves more attention. By participating in our city-wide bake sale, we feel like a small part of the hardship can be assuaged in a chocolate chip cookie and open more people's eyes to the kindness available among people who are aware of the needs and pain of others. All kinds of people open their wallets to donate: some have a direct connection to cancer, some, as parents, have fearful imaginations, and some are generous souls giving us their last $4 and change. Using a cookie and a bake sale to call attention to the culprit responsible for more childhood deaths than all the other diseases combined is a great way to raise awareness and generate community hope.

We appreciate all the support we can get! Thanks for considering making a donation.
Best - Sara, Steven, Avery and Ainsley



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JFJennifer Farinholt
Thanks to ALL who make being a Good Cookie possible-- beautiful, powerful expression and action!
LWLisa Wilson
Way to go McKay family on your cookie sale! Such a great and worthwhile project!
LLisa Wilson
Way to go on your cookie sale McKay family! Such a worthwhile project!

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Group 5th Annual Richmond City-Wide Bake Sale has raised 121% of its goal
Group Fundraising Goal: $50,000.00
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